Friends & Heroes

Every author has her crushes. Mine are many, but among them, there’s a reason why I’m friends with and inspired by these girls.

SC Stephens sc-stephens-300x225was my first romance-writing crush. Years ago, as I’d just started dabbling in writing, I ran into Thoughtless, in which SC had created a character that was breathtakingly different and beautiful. Kellan Kyle was one of the first antiheroes, and so far no other has threatened his only-book-boyfriend-status in my heart. SC and my meet, emails, and texts mean the world to me.

61dvCJSdATL._UX250_Cheryl McIntyre came next. I was about to publish my first book, Shattering Halos, when I read Sometimes Never and was enthralled by her writing and her characters. I adore when I find genius, just this natural talent that goes above and beyond on its own. Kind as she is, she checked out my Shattering Halos, loved it, and we have CPd each others’ work ever since.

7152490Laura Thalassa I met while she still edited professionally part-time. She was the first person to make my manuscripts bleed—while gushing over my writing. Now, she makes her own books bleed full-time, turning them into absolute pure gold. Without Laura, I would not have developed the way I did as a writer. Always positive and super-funny, I adore this lady. The Queen of All that Dies left me wanting to stab my eyes out; it’s gorgeous, and I didn’t write it. 😀


616Aq61dYeL._UX250_D Nichole King is the heart of my heart, always there, a best friend and the most hardworking person I know, writing high-quality books while raising four young children into beautiful little humans. We became friends while we were sweating over our first book blurbs, and she stood out as someone who knew what she wanted. Like me, she pushes herself to her limit to get better with each book. This girl writes heart-tuggers like no one else. The Story of Us might be my favorite.

8391110Lynn Vroman came into my author life via the best misunderstanding ever. Suddenly, we were critiquing each other’s work in our first anthology, Beneath the Cape, and this professional editor turned agented writer has been my friend/hero/writing-crush through my last seven books and counting. Lynn is the queen of YA, all her books total gems, like Summer Confessions.


17991260_529729040748535_6005212196939090833_n.jpgAlyson Santos  started in this business with a bang, with the astonishing Night Shifts Black. I searched for her all over social media! Finally, she created a Facebook account, and my first message, “What took you so long???” Since then, we’ve been ABs (author besties). We share a brain to the point of disturbing, CP each other’s work and co-write novels like Rocker Shenanigans.