Twin Savage

Twin Savage is book #2 in the Porn Star Boyfriend series. It features another porn star, Luka Verenich, and among other things, some of his daily, let’s say, routines. The Amazon link is up now, and you can grab it here. If you read this post after The Truth about Porn Star Boyfriends, (released August 15th), you’ll already have … More Twin Savage


Come back on July 3rd, because that is when my BAM! occurs. On July 3rd, there will be colors and dropped jaws. I so look forward to telling you what’s going on. Now, this is Lucas Medeiros, from Brazil. Does he looks like he should have something to do with it all? #secrets ( #teasermuse … More Surprise

I hit the Button!

I did it! I just hit “publish” on Path of Thieves, my eleventh full-length book! Yes, Path of Thieves has been uploaded to Amazon. It’s now in review, which means it can go live in anything from hours to, like, 3 days. 3 days would be a total disaster and ruin my release blitz. 😛 … More I hit the Button!