About Me

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my website! I write literary romances full of substance and love. I also write wild romantic comedies full of laughter and no substance.

I tend to write in my head all the time, like when I sleep, breathe, walk my dog, shower, make dinner—you name it. I love international flights when they’re delayed and my Mac and I can dive into a bar. There’s nothing better than an hour or two lost (too quickly) in pages I didn’t know were waiting for me.

I struggle with schedules, real life, cross-country skiing, and moodiness not inside of me. Not that I enjoy it in me. I’m just used to it, and it feeds scenes in my books, see?

I giggle at everything. I don’t judge easily. People say I’m kind/genuine/shy/stubborn/annoying/aloof/boring, but above it all, I am passionate. A Dragon of the Chinese zodiac and an Aquarius with all-the-air, I get easily obsessed when I love something. Oh, and did I mention that I love to write? 😉

All my love xoxo Sunniva