Pranked by Love: the cover is HERE!


Finally, it’s here. I’m so excited about this cover!

Pranked by Love releases February 26th, and for a day or two, it will be available at the price of 99 cents.


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“He lied. This man never wanted me to tell him how to treat me. He is your master between the sheets, quietly telling you exactly what to do and not to do. He’s been ruling my body since midnight, and I’m a quivering heap of passion on the bed. This man is too much for my vagina, and I should not ever see him again.—Blossom Girl #2.




K-Pop opens the door, candy eyes as bright as ever and flawless features drawn up in a mischievous smile. He’s wearing rabbit ears, but I know better than to ask. They’re of the kind that are stuck to a hood so that his whole head is covered in fake grey fur. The ears are long and soft-looking with pink centers. I want to pet him.

“My, my, my,” he mimics every Dude ever opening the door for a Blossom. “What have we here? Picasso come here and see what we have here. It’s the Blossom who wants to suck you off!”

“How about you shut your face?” I ask sweetly. The last time I was here, I magically avoided the Pirate Punch. The Dude Den’s most infamous concoction consists of every type of alcohol available. That and jam. Any jam. Unfortunately, even though I avoided it, I was still lit by the time I ended up in his room.

“Saki is here to lick your prick!” K-Pop hollers.

“Oh my God, you’re so stupid,” I say. “Where is he?”

One thing never fails in 247: every Dude that’s not the one you ask for will appear in the doorway. Guns is wearing a Viking helmet. Lucian pokes his head out behind him with wet hair and a comb sticking straight up from it. “Hey, Blossom. What’s up?”

“She’s here to—”

“Long Dick, if you don’t shut your trap, I’ll pour all this paint down your throat.” I hold up the goddamn ochre. “You know what? I’m too busy for this. I’m going to just leave the paint here and get going.”

“That wasn’t the deal, I believe.”

I scrunch my eyes shut and open them slowly at the melodious, too intimate voice. Finding a pair of stunning grey eyes above me, I straighten and give Picasso the stare-down he deserves.

“I’m not as anal as you, so sorry for forgetting the exact manner in which I am to return the ochre. Let’s see.” I pucker my mouth like I’m thinking. I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t enjoy it when his gaze sinks to watch my lips. “Nope, I’ve got nothing. Unless you wanted me to pour it right on your precious painting myself?”

He lets out a small snort and hooks his finger for me to follow him. I’m not too chicken to obey. And up the stairs of the Dude mansion we go… sober.

More coming February 26th!

PBL triple 3D pic
Pranked by Love, standalone book 2 in the #LovePranks series.


“All pretenses have fallen, and I’m naked, naked down to the deepest core of my femininity. I’ve never felt anything like this, and if I weren’t so obsessed, I’d be scared to death.”—Blossom girl #2.




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