Twin Savage Release Party


“Nothing happened the way it should have, and I’m sorry. I should have done so many things differently. You were my one and only, my perfect mix of objective and emotional. I had fun slaying dragons for you, Geneva. I just wish I could have slayed more.”

I’m writing this a few days prior to the release of Twin Savage, the second in my porn star boyfriend series. I’m eager and anxious and excited, all at once. As with all full-length books, a lot of love and effort have been put into this baby, and the release party is a true birth celebration of this work.

I’m saying this to put it in perspective for you, and it is why I’m so excited to have seventeen of my favorite author friends with me as literary entertainers at the party.

You’re invited. In addition to the regular giveaways, I’m going to offer up a way for one winner to take home a $100 Amazon gift card. And I can’t wait for you to play too.

Knowing my author friends, there will be heaps of gifts lavished upon the participating guests. There will be never-before-seen extracts from books, swag you haven’t seen before, and the opportunity to see teasers and customized jewelry. Yes, join Love ‘N Books Fight Club now so you’re ready when Monday the 16th rolls around. The party will go from 2 to 11 pm EST. The participating authors are listed on the banner above.

I'd die without you TS

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