Path of Thieves is LIVE!

I don’t have enough exclamation points for this post. Path of Thieves has been a labor of love ever since I started writing it.

Long story short:
Cugs is a high-school football player.
Cugs dad isn’t all that nice.
Cugs is a burglar, courtesy of Dad.
Nadine was Cugs accidental victim. Nadine believes in him. Nadine lives in a world that could make Cugs believe in himself too.

What I usually write is New Adult, however, I’ve been a lover of Young Adult since I was a teenager. It’s been sweet/awesome/cool/interesting to delve into its sphere.



Even as the years packed on, I never stopped reading Young Adult. There’s a truth/rawness/reality in the genre that I adore. It holds simplicity and vulnerability of the type most of us suppress later in life.

For me, the biggest issue with writing Young Adult was to squirm out of my New-Adult style and its lack of innocence. I needed help from YA experts on this journey, though in the end, my main thing was to remember. Turns out I still am these kids with their immaturity/depth/pain/belief in the future.

The moon slides behind a cloud as the hotel appears in front of me. Tall, the Doubletree’s towers rise from the ocean, a promise of hope this early first morning of the rest of my life. I step onto its pavers. I’m a trespasser, a stranger, a criminal. I shouldn’t be here, but I choke each sliver of that thought because the future is ahead.


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