Breaking News about Oriana + Julian

“BOMBA!” read the headlines of Ciudad Magazine and other Argentinian gossip magazines when Oriana Sabatini and Julian Serrano broke it off after three years. Can you imagine Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt falling in love as teenagers? That’s how adorable Oriana and Julian were.

Path of Thieves was deep in edits when I started browsing the internet for a young couple that could represent Nadine and Cugs. Usually, I won’t find that one couple. I’ll find a picture here and there of different couples, or maybe I’ll find a single boy that works or a single girl. But there they were!

I found Julian first, on Pinterest. Once I’d found him, he kept appearing with this girl, and they were so in love. They were silly together, hot together–there was just so much life to these photos.

I started doing some research and found out that Julian (23) was an Argentinian funny-man and You-Tuber who branched out into a young adult TV series three years ago. There, he met Oriana, (now 21). On-screen, their chemistry made the teen masses of Argentina swoon, and it didn’t take long for their love to transcend to real life as well.

I contacted Oriana and Julian and asked if  I could use their photos for my Path of Thieves teasers, and Oriana got back to me instantly with her permission, saying, “Buen Exito!”

But two weeks later–which also was two weeks after their three-year anniversary, the couple broke up. Now, the rumor mill swirls in Buenos Aires. Was it Julian’s fault? Was it Oriana’s? Me, I think it was probably me. I totally jinxed them by using those pretty photos. 😉

Here’s a video that made me giggle at how charming they are. It’s from the good old days (5 months ago), before a writer from the U.S. had started to tirar palidas at them by borrowing their pictures. The song they’re lip-syncing to in their living room is Julian’s “Vida Tranquila.” Enjoy!

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